Introducing a new brand of premium consumer fireworks.

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A curated selection of only the best quality consumer fireworks, with effects you'll love


Eye-catching designs that stand out on your shelves and communicate clearly to consumers


Dollar for dollar, always the best choice for you and your customers

About SFX FireworksWhy we exist and where we're going

We're passionate about fireworks, and our years of experience in the fireworks industry taught us that customers want quality and value, but often get overwhelmed with indistinguishable choices. We're introducing incredible products and designing labels that clearly communicate what to expect in an easy-to-compare format, so customers can buy with confidence. Plus, we promise to stay family friendly--no scantily-clad women, no drug references, no dark death themes. On the other hand, there will also be no photos of cute puppies, popular internet memes, or copyrighted artwork from video games and movies. We're proud to launch in 2016 with 7 great products, distributed exclusively by Superior Fireworks.

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How Our Product Labeling Helps Customers Buy Smarter & Retailers Sell More
June 22, 2016

How Our Product Labeling Helps Customers Buy Smarter & Retailers Sell More

We put a lot of thought into the way we designed SFX Fireworks labels. Our main goal in creating our labeling was to provide customers

SFX Fireworks
February 12, 2016

SFX: A New Brand of Premium Consumer Fireworks

Today we announced the launch of SFX Fireworks on the Superior Fireworks blog, and wanted to share the news here as well. Give your thoughts in

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