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The latest information about SFX Fireworks and The Great American Fireworks Co.

New for 2020 from SFX Fireworks

We’re thrilled to roll out a host of new products for 2020 across our SFX Fireworks and Great American Fireworks Co. brands. Today, we’re featuring our SFX releases — 3 all-new fireworks that are the perfect addition to your line-up! These new items are few in number, but BIG in performance! Each one delivers a unique set of effects that are perfect for any fireworks show, whether its your own or your customers’. Spectre Spectre

Introducing SFX Show Line

SFX Fireworks is excited to announce SFX Show Line! SFX Show Line is designed to meet the demands of your 1.4G customers who carefully plan every detail of their shows. These discriminating customers will appreciate the pro-style effects and more precise control Show Line products provide. Making Show Line part of your inventory will help meet the needs of this dedicated group of customers and give you an edge over your competition! Premium 500-Gram Repeaters

New for 2019: 500-Gram Repeaters

SFX Fireworks is pleased to announce several new 500-gram products for the 2019 fireworks season. Like all SFX Fireworks products, these products provide amazing effects and informative, family-friendly, high-end labeling to stand out on your product shelves. All these fireworks are immediately available to be purchased from your SFX Fireworks wholesaler. Apollo Apollo by The Great American Fireworks Company includes four hard-hitting 500-gram repeaters, featuring 12 booming 2″ shells, all with glittering tails to gold willows

Product Spotlight: Artillery Shells

Reloadable artillery shells are among the most-popular, best-selling consumer fireworks in America. Even people who are new to fireworks have probably heard of artillery shells or “mortars.” These fireworks are sold in kits that include round or canister-shaped shells up to 1.75” in diameter, plus at least one launching tube. Each shell can contain up to 60 grams of pyrotechnic composition by law. When launched from the included mortar tube, they can climb as high

Production Update: New 2018 Fireworks

SFX Fireworks and The Great American Fireworks Co. are on target to deliver an impressive 18 new or updated items for the 2018 fireworks season! SFX Fireworks continues to set the bar with high quality fireworks featuring the very best in colors and effects, while The Great American Fireworks Co. has expanded its classic line-up of firecrackers, bottle rockets, and more. 2018 Early Arrivals We strive to provide our resellers with innovative and timely products

December Arrivals for 2018 Fireworks

SFX Fireworks is pleased to announce that two more items from the Great American Fireworks Co. originally slated for spring 2018 release have been completed ahead of schedule. These items will be available in time for the 2017 New Year’s season. Additionally, Hammer of Thunder by SFX Fireworks has been updated for 2018 and will be available in late December. See below for more details on each of these exciting new items. Two If by

2018 Early Arrivals for SFX Fireworks

SFX Fireworks is pleased to announce that several items originally slated for spring 2018 release have been completed early and are available for immediate delivery. The new items include fireworks from both SFX Fireworks as well as The Great American Fireworks Co. There are new fireworks for just about every category, including firecrackers, roman candles, reloadable shell kits, and repeaters. See below for more details on each of these exciting new items. 750-Shot Color Saturn

Introducing The Great American Fireworks Co.

Today, we’re proud to announce The Great American Fireworks Co., a new brand of consumer fireworks from the creators of SFX Fireworks. The Great American Fireworks Co. celebrates the spirit and heritage of America, featuring timeless classics that feel instantly familiar because their effects have been favorites throughout generations of American fireworks celebrations. The new Great American line includes must-have fireworks like artillery shells, firecrackers, sparklers, Saturn missile batteries, novelties, fountains and more. Our goal

New Products Coming to SFX on Feb. 1

On February 1, SFX Fireworks will expand its current product line by debuting more than a dozen new fireworks including 500-gram repeaters, premium 60-gram shells, Roman candles and more. We’re excited about the growth of our premium consumer fireworks line, and here are a few reasons why… SFX Magnum Artillery Our Magnum Artillery 40-gram, 1.75″ ball shells meet the needs of consumers who want a box of reliable, big-effect shells at a more affordable rate

How Our Product Labeling Helps Customers Buy Smarter & Retailers Sell More

We put a lot of thought into the way we designed SFX Fireworks labels. Our main goal in creating our labeling was to provide customers and retailers an easy way to understand what’s going on inside the box. So, let’s break this post down into two parts: how the customer benefits and how the retailer benefits. How the Customer Benefits From Our Labeling SFX product labels are broken down into two parts: design and information.